Selection method of equalizing ring for high voltage insulator
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The main purpose is to protect the surface of the high voltage insulator from being burned. Compared with the iron galvanized pressure equalizing ring used in the past, it has the advantages of light weight, good pressure equalizing effect, strong corrosion resistance and more convenient installation and use.

Please pay attention to the following items when using insulator equalizing ring:

1. The outer diameter of high-pressure insulator pressure equalizing ring and galvanized iron pressure equalizing ring are roughly the same, and the direction of ring body is the same when installing.

2. The high voltage insulators of 66kV and below voltage level need not be equipped with voltage equalizing ring

3. The 110kV high voltage insulator may not be equipped with a voltage equalizing ring, or a voltage equalizing ring may be installed at its high voltage end according to the user's requirements

4. A voltage equalizing ring shall be installed at the high voltage end of the 220kV high voltage insulator, or both ends of the insulator shall be equipped with a voltage equalizing ring according to the requirements of the user

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